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We’re proud to partner with Richland Library, the Free Times, and SceneSC to present 1 or 2, a series of performances of 1 or 2 artists that are then shared online. Every artist receives payment for participation in order to help make up for some lost gigs during this difficult time.

THE Dubber

First up in the series is singer-songwriter, THE Dubber aka Wendell Culbreath. As the Free Times writes, he “weaves a multicultural fabric of traditions into his soothing acoustic folk.” This performance is of “Simple Song,” is “both meditative and propulsive, it explores timely themes of truth and untruth, perception and certainty.”

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Next up in the series is Milah, a rapper and singer. She performs “Hey Love” and “Late Nights” in front of the “I Love You” sculpture in the Vista.

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Valley Maker

And, we’re on to episode 3 of 1 or 2. This week features Valley Maker (Austin Crane and Nic Jenkins) performing “Beautiful Birds Flying” in front of the Aaron Graves Tribute Mural by Lauren Andreu and Claude Gilbert. Like Jordan Lawrence writes in the Free Times, we miss our friends too. Enjoy.

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Puppet Time Machine Theatre

It’s Episode 4 of 1 or 2, and in this episode, we’re treated to a singing roll of toilet paper! Grammy-nominated musician Molly Ledford sings to a roll of toilet paper named Charmin in “I Don’t See Much of You and You Don’t See Much of Me,” with puppeteer Robert Padley, a colleague in the Puppet Time Machine Theatre.

The duo performed beside the cafe mural at Cafe Streudel by Pam Collins and Sergio Braga in West Columbia.

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Amos Hoffman

Episode 5 of 1 or 2 features guitarist Amos Hoffman. Amos is a regular presence at various restaurants and bars around town, playing solo and in all configurations of ensembles with other ColaJazz associated musicians. Here, he’s playing the jazz standard “I Should Care” in front of the Five Points Postcard Mural by artist Chad Brady (made possible by Drip Coffee and the Five Points Association).

Brian Patrick the Vocalinist

If you’ve been along Main Street in the last couple of years, then you’ve almost definitely seen and heard Brian the Vocalinist. Long a staple of Columbia culture, he’s one of the most recognizable and omnipresent buskers (street performers) we have in this city. He performs popular music on his electric violin, with altered vocals. Here he performs Sia’s “Chandelier” and Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me.”

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Bob Evans and Claudio Olivera

Two musicians affiliated with the SC Philharmonic perform Concerto for Bassoon in Bb major, K. 191 by W.A. Mozart – Andante ma Adagio in the Lincoln Street Tunnel in the heart of the Congaree Vista. It’s a beautiful piece, in a beautiful place, made beautiful by the Leadership Columbia class of 2017, of which Bob Evans (the bassoonist) was a member.

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Aim High

Aim High is a self-described alternative metalcore/punk-pop band. Obviously, our requirements for 1 or 2 don’t create a perfect atmosphere for a metal or punk performance. But, in this week’s edition, Caleb Brown (aka calebjustcaleb) and Steven Howard pare it down into a passionate acoustic performance on the back steps of an alley in West Columbia. Promo photo taken in the Alley on State by Christine Lutfy.

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Ara-Viktoria (Ara-V)

This week’s 1 or 2 features singer Ara-Viktoria. She recently served as the Richland Library’s artist in residence and her day job involves providing music therapy for correctional facility residents. She performs “Can I Use You” in front of the Ra Obelisk by Richard Lane, located in the Olympia neighborhood.

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Episode 10 of 1 or 2 features Autocorrect, comprised of Cecil Decker and Moses Andrews. They perform “Generation 1099” taking on the gig economy and racial inequality.

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Two-thirds of IndigoSOUL – Terrance Henderson and Katrina Blanding – perform “I Am Light” by India.Arie in an empty performance space at Trustus Theatre.

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Aisa Blue #ThoughtsInBlue

Aisa Blue starts this performance of her poem “Strange Fruit” with a sung quotation from Billie Holiday’s song “Strange Fruit.” Ms. Blue performs on the grounds of the South Carolina State House in the center of the African American Freedom Monument.

Preach Jacobs

Preach Jacobs performs for this 1 or 2 straight from his own home (due to both pandemic and weather). This song is titled “Gifted People” and samples from Nina Simone’s “To be Young, Gifted and Black.”

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This 14th episode of the 1 or 2 series features CammWess and Andrew Wilkerson in front of the letters HOPE at the corner of Main and Lady in downtown Columbia. The duo perform “Save it for Tomorrow,” an original song that Camm wrote and performed as part of his time as a contestant on The Voice.

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Boo Hag

Boo Hag – Scotty Tempo and Saul Seibert – perform “Shadows” in the Riverfront Park amphitheater right in front of Hydro Power, a mural by Karl Zurflüh for this 15th (!) 1 or 2 session.

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Lang Owen

On this week’s 1 or 2, Lang Owen performs his song about loss titled “Blue Coat” in front of Green Eyes, a new sculpture along Huger Street by Clark Ellefson.


Partly Cloudy is an entertainment group that exists in many forms including the Christi Joy Band, Partly Cloudy (instrumental version of Christi Joy Band), and Partly Cloudy Brass Band. The musicians are from all South Carolina & Georgia. The various iterations of the band are comprised of mostly music majors from HBCU’s with backgrounds in many professional musical fields – band directors, music ministers and youth music leaders. In this week’s 1 or 2, Clyde Fraizer III and Garrick Rivers perform “Hello,” an HBCU band staple, in front of Blue Sky’s “Rubble without a Cause” in Five Points.

Dear Blanca

This 18th 1 or 2 session features Dear Blanca, more specifically Dylan Dickerson and Dayne Lee, performing “Out to Pasture” from their just released record Perched. The duo perform in front of a new mural in Cayce by artist Michael Geddings titled “Paint the Town.”

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LaLisa, a rapper, musician and author, lets the “Goddess Flow” go through her in this performance for our 19th 1 or 2 in front of a Pearl Fryar topiary at the SC State Museum.

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Tom Coolidge

Standing on North Main Street in front of two large Robot Cisterns by Clark Ellefson and Chris Styuck wearing masks by Flavia Lovatelli, performer Tom Coolidge sings his COVID-19-related tune “6 Feet Apart or 6 Feet Under” for the 20th 1 or 2 session.


For the 21st 1 or 2 session, Stagbriar (Emily McCollum and Alex McCollum) perform “Bought the Rights” from their just-released album Suppose You Grow. They perform this song among the cicadas in North Columbia in front of Charmaine Minniefield’s mural “Grow Together.

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Admiral Radio

This week, Admiral Radio (Rebecca Smith and Coty Hoover) perform “Love You Somehow” at the Cola Town Bike Collective mural by Trahern and Mazie Cook.

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NiA Company

Darion McCloud and Sam McWhite of the NiA Company perform in this week’s 1 or 2 by singing and reading “Black Magic” by Dinah Johnson. They perform in front of the George Washington Carver mural on the side of the Rare Variety Cafe on North Main Street.

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E.Z. Shakes

It’s the 24th edition of 1 or 2. E.Z. Shakes (Zach Seibert and John Furr) perform a new song titled “The Spirit” in front of Jared Charzewski’s “The Band Shell” at Richland Library St. Andrews.

ColaJazz featuring Mark Rapp and Brendan Michael Bull

This week’s 1 or 2 is probably something you weren’t expecting. It’s ColaJazz‘s Mark Rapp on didgeridoo and Brendan Michael Bull on cajon performing at the Koger Center for the Arts.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer and Leslie Leonard)

Dante Lewis

For this week’s 1 or 2, enjoy a happy-danceable performance from saxphonist Dante Lewis. This one will definitely get you off your feet and take on this fine day!

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TiffanyJ performs in this week’s 1 or 2 session accompanied by Antonio McKie. She sings her original song “My Sunshine,” a very modern update on an old tune. This session was recorded in front of Laurie Brownell McIntosh’s “Hanging Pages” located at Richland Library North Columbia.

Glass Mansions

For our 28th 1 or 2, performers Blake Arambula and Jayna Doyle as Glass Mansions perform their song “Nightswimming” in front of Ayako Abe-Miller’s “Neighborhood Treasures” on the facade of the Richland Library Edgewood location.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer and Leslie Leonard)

Boomtown Trio

Singing with a certain melancholy but with a bit of hope, guitarist Kelley McLachlan and fiddler Kristen Harris, who make-up two-thirds of Boomtown Trio, perform their song “Road to Nowhere” at the Meeting Street Artisan Market in West Columbia. A timely performance speaking to the zeitgeist of our current time.

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Prettier than Matt

Jessica Skinner and Jeff Pitts as Prettier than Matt perform in our 30th 1 or 2 session. They give a beautiful rendition of “Uncover” in front of Christine Lutfy’s mural “State of Mind Butterfly” in West Columbia.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer and Leslie Leonard)

Flower Shopping’s Ross Swinson

No. 31 in our 1 or 2 series features Flower Shopping‘s Ross Swinson. Listen as Ross performs a daunting, yet poignant song highlighting our tendencies to overthink our existential being. A fitting performance inspired by the moment we’re in.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer and Leslie Leonard)

Lyon Forrest Hill

Puppeteer and artistic director of the Columbia Marionette, Lyon Forrest Hill offers up a quirky performance for our latest 1 or 2 session. It’s an eclectic mix of electronic beats with harmonic tunes featuring a puppeteering performance with a black wireframe bird, slowly flapping its wings during a brief passage.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer and Leslie Leonard)

Rex Darling

Musicians Catherine Hunsinger and John Vail of Rex Darling, showcase a performance filled with sentiment and connection that brings the audience into an atmospheric journey through lyricism and technique. As the guitarist John Vail sets the background with his dexterity, it is melodic vocals from Catherine Hunsinger that tells the story.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer)

Ashley Wright

Singer and songwriter Ashley Wright accompanied by her husband and songwriting partner Travis Wright, offers an intimate performance centered on themes of love, trust and what it means to have faith in the ones you love the most.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer)


Given the year we had of missed holiday connections and the excitement of newfound love, Hillmouse’s Tyler Gordon perfectly encapsulates this feeling of yearning with the song, “Occasional Love.” Tyler performed at the Richland Library grounds under the SYNAPSE banner created by artist Dogon Krigga.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer)

Sadie Wiskes from the Columbia Children’s Theatre

Enjoy this heart-warming performance from one of Columbia Children’s Theatre talented stars, Sadie Wiskes. It’s a joyful experience rightfully happening next to the exuberant Zesto’s mural by Christine Lufty.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer)

Tripping on Bricks

Shifting between the recognition of existential anxieties to the growing pains of living life and the pursuit of opportunities, Ridge DeVuono of Tripping on Bricks’ song “Tenants” reminds us all to remain hopeful. Tipping on Bricks performance took place on Boyd Plaza in front of the Paul Silvestre’s “La Jeunesse (Youth)” sculpture.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer)

Darren Woodlief

Columbia singer-songwriter Darren Woodlief performs his song “Insatiable Tastes”, in front of the Edventure Museum near the Congaree River and the Gervais Street Bridge. Listen as Darren recounts the moments we make for life’s pleasures while reminding us all to find satisfaction with the present.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer)


Singer Katera reminds us all it’s okay to be single and still have fun. Whether it’s on the dance floor or hanging with your friends, it does not hurt to mingle even when you want to stay single. Enjoy the 40th installment of our latest “1 or 2” performance.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer)

Teiji Mack

Columbia rapper and producer Teiji Mack performs his song “Time” in front of Osamu Kobayashi’s mural, “Middle of Nowhere.” Teiji’s rap lyrically exudes confidence, playfulness all the while keeping us in tune with his words from beginning to end with no hook.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by David Stringer)

K Ford

K Ford gives her all in this acoustic performance in front of landmark and community near and dear to her heart. K Ford takes on contemplative journey delving into the moments of peace and reflection we can find through adversity.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by Leslie Leonard and David Stringer)

Tammaka Staley

As National Poetry Month comes to a close, listen to this powerful performance from spoken word artist and current Artist-in-Residence at Richland Library, Tammaka Staley. Watch as Tammaka speaks to the importance of true beauty and resiliency. —-This was the latest in our collaborative 1 or 2 series. To learn more about Tammaka’s residence with Richland Library, visit:

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by Leslie Leonard and David Stringer)

Marshall Brown

Guitarist Marshall Brown gives a performance of his song “Red Flags,” from his newly released EP “In the Mirror.” Marshall’s performance is a quirky trip capturing the ups and downs of love and heartache.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by Leslie Leonard and David Stringer)

Ben Eidson and Michael Crawford

In honor of International Jazz Day, we invited saxophonist Ben Eidson and drummer Michael Crawford to perform an instrumental jazz rendition of the American standard “All the Things You Are.”

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by Leslie Leonard and David Stringer)

Paisley and the Birdwalkers

The search for romance is a breakneck mess fueled by libations and late nights in Paisley and the Birdwalkers’ “Solar Flare.”

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by Leslie Leonard and David Stringer)

Dead Swells

Dead Swells’ Paul Nederostek gives a stand-alone performance highlighting the singers emotive vocals matched with a nostalgic tunes.

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(All 1 or 2 performances are shot and edited by Leslie Leonard and David Stringer)