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oldtowntheatreThe production and presentation of live theater creates a way for communities to share their experiences, generate conversation, and enable new insights to emerge.

Live theatre has been a thriving component of the fabric of Columbia culture for decades. Town Theatre is the oldest community theatre building in continuous use in the United States. Trustus Theatre has been South Carolina’s professional theater for 27 years with Workshop Theatre Columbia’s director’s theater for more than 40. Columbia Children’s Theatre has been dedicated to bringing the finest in entertainment, education and opportunities to children and families while South Carolina Shakespeare has been feeding classical theatre buffs in Finlay Park.

There are also many very strong academic theater institutions in the college and public school sector and other smaller theater companies connecting the dots between the larger theater offerings. And all of these institutions provide as much to the economic success of the city as they do to offering opportunities for thousands of theater attendees and artists involved in the diverse aspects of creating art in this genre.