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UNDEFINED MAGAZINE is the premier South Carolina art and artists journal. Printed quarterly, UNDEFINED is an arts publication without peer—serving its original vision (since 2007) to promote indigenous South Carolina art and artists by exposing the unique vision and process of ambitious South Carolina-based artists to educate and inspire other art-makers. Whatever you do – if you sculpt glass, play the cello, grow vegetables; make wine, beer, or bread; build guitars, chairs, or stone fireplaces – whatever. If you do it well, and consistently, and to the best of your ability – then you belong here, among others who share passion. And it is our intention to produce as high-quality a magazine as we are capable of providing. No fluff, no filler. A medium that is as outstanding as the individuals represented within. We’re good. We’re brave. No precisely stated meaning. Undefined. Cutting edge arts coverage in the Carolinas since 2008