Martin Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Martin Charitable Foundation, Inc.

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Fairfield County Martin Family:

Our roots have been traced back to the late 1790's in West Africa, where a ship set sail for the United States. Crammed into the ship's bowels was a 17 year old girl named Tracie – destined to be sold in the Charleston Slave Market. On December 17, 1799, shortly after she stepped from the deck, she was sold to John Martin, a planter from Fairfield County, South Carolina. Research shows that Tracie had a daughter named Katie who had six children: Vera, Benjamin, Moses, Ellen, Jerry, and John: fathered by the grandson of John Martin. These children were allowed to carry their father's Sir name. They were taught to read and write. In the South, these children were not sold as slaves, which was uncommon. From these six children, our descendants have become doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, pharmacists, entrepreneurs, astronauts, actors, and many other professionals that are important to our society.   The mission of the Martin Charitable Foundation, Inc., is to provide academic scholarships to persons of African-American heritage to pursue an education at institutions of higher learning. The Foundation promotes and assists persons of African-American heritage in entrepreneurial development.