Columbia Museum of Art

Columbia Museum of Art

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 1515 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201

The Columbia Museum of Art celebrates outstanding artistic creativity through its collection, exhibitions and programs, interacting in ways that engage the mind and enrich the spirit.

Creativity is central to everyday life, and art is central to creativity. Art drives imagination, innovation and understanding of a bigger world.
The Columbia Museum of Art is the hub that inspires and connects people to their creativity by:

Inviting families to look and learn—using educational activities to explore the world of art and talk about what it means to them
Involving students in hands-on art programs that reach across core subjects in order to develop creative thinking skills, critical for success in the 21st century
Connecting educators with the museum’s collection and exhibitions that support South Carolina education standards
Offering adults life-long learning opportunities for pleasure and personal growth
Taking community art education programs into the city, county and state to provide greater access and exposure to art
Collaborating with artists to offer learning and teaching experiences
Arts education is at the core of our mission. We welcome you to use art to spark your imagination and add to your enjoyment in life.