Columbia Baroque Soloists

Columbia Baroque Soloists




Columbia Baroque Soloists bring to life historically inspired, spirited and expressive performances focusing on chamber music of the French and Italian Baroque. The ensemble is comprised of South Carolina’s leading early music specialists, each with distinguished careers as chamber musicians, teachers and soloists. The ensemble performs on instruments of the period at authentic low-pitch (A=415) and temperament (Vallotti), in varing combinations of voice, recorder, gamba and harpsichord. During the 2011/12 concert season, CBS has performed for over 2,300 people. Desiring to enrich the audience’s appreciation and build passionate support for Baroque music, CBS regularly includes educational components in its programming, including the Summer institute, pre-concert talks with Power-Point presentations and next season a new series "What Makes Music Baroque?" Presenters and audience members enjoy their thematic programming calling it "stunning" and "beautifully executed and elegantly planned", while Columbia’s Free Times sightered their "expressive" and "very sensitive ensemble" and called them "an association to earn our attention."