Victorius Polished Queens, Inc

Victorius Polished Queens, Inc




 Columbia, SC 29201

Victorius Polished Queens, Inc strives to saving lives from Domestic Violence by focusing on Emotional Wellness and Mental Health in women, single mothers and her children; restoring brokenness and polishing them up, into becoming whole. We unite all girls and women in age appropriate groups together to form a sisterhood bond, encouraging each to start a self love journey, allowing their best self to blossom like you’ve never expected. It is our mission to spread emotional awareness, pull the community together and fill those gaps in young girls, teens and children of single mothers. We have a desire to accommodate, assist, uplift, motivate, inspire and most importantly support women and single mothers to fulfill their purpose in life, level up their finances, consider entrepreneurship and a broad range of other services focusing on nurturing the emotional health of the woman and children.