Jul 03 2014
Get the Picture? A Columbia Monologue

Get the Picture? A Columbia Monologue

Presented by PIENSA: Art Company at Unknown

 The greatest cities in the world are compilations of many elements that are effectively what make them great. One extremely important element they all share, perhaps it's most important, are it's people. A city, even a town, can be measured efficiently by the quality of the people that reside within it's walls. Columbia is no different. What do Columbians have to say? What makes them tick? What makes them great? What makes them special?

Join us in a visual conversation about life in general with Columbia through it's residents' eyes. GTP?! ACM is a public project combining the visual story telling that graphic novels bring to the table and the engaging sensibilities that come with autobiographical books. Think of GTP?! ACM as if it was a conversation with Columbia as an individual; an individual sharing it's life experience with you. A life experience built off the many lives of Columbia's magnificent and unique residents.

The project will be broken down into three "chapters":

Chapter 1- Failure & Success

Chapter 2- Love

Chapter 3- Life: The Unexpected

Each chapter will consist of 12 images or panels each, prepped, laid out and ready for walkers-by to collaborate and share their thoughts on the subjects inside of conventional graphic novel word bubbles. Inside of each panel there will also be dialogue boxes with cues and suggested themes that will direct the walker by, the collaborator, the Columbian to express their thoughts into the traditional word bubbles.

Added to the public's collaborations, Piensa Art Co.'s resident visual artists, Sammy and Dre Lopez will work simultaneously on another piece which will essentially be the "cover image" to this engaging "book" about what makes Columbians and therefore Columbia fantastic.

In the end there will be 36 panels plus one "cover", exhibiting "conversations" with people, Columbians, who will share some of their thoughts, opinions and experiences with the rest of us; establishing just how great Columbians are even on a random Summer afternoon on Main Street USA, Columbia SC.

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2014/07/03 - 2014/07/03

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