Mar 03 2017
Jewelry Pop Up Show with Mary + Lou Ann

Jewelry Pop Up Show with Mary + Lou Ann

Presented by Gallery West at Unknown

Gallery West is thrilled to present a “pop-up sale” of the exquisite jewelry of Mary Filapek and Lou Ann Townsend, 

known as Mary + Lou Ann Jewelry. Reception with drink special and nibbles from 5:00-8:00 pm!

Mary and Lou Ann create elegant, modern jewelry. Their current body of work speaks to their love of nature and architecture. “Dappled light and patterned shadows slipping through canopies created by trees or architectural structures create openings to other dimensions and places in time and space. Flowers are often otherworldly; their precise architecture and complete organic chaos existing in perfect balance.”


 The collaboration between Filapek and Townsend began 20 years ago while attending the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque where they were both completing BFAs, Lou Ann with a focus in Metal Arts and Mary in Photography. Their work is born from this collaboration that is always evolving in its details. Their collections are hand fabricated from sterling silver and powder-coated mixed metal, all created in their studio in Concord, North Carolina.


“Our work is born from a collaboration this is always evolving in its details. We thrive on the development of work through a constant exchange of ideas and the challenge of allowing each other the freedom to explore our passions while remaining true to the perpetually growing vision of our joint body of work.”

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Phone: 8032079265

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2017/03/03 - 2017/03/03

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