Feb 07 - 08 2017
SC Philharmonic - Young People's Concert

SC Philharmonic - Young People's Concert

Presented by South Carolina Philharmonic at Koger Center for the Arts

The South Carolina Philharmonic is excited to present The Orchestra Moves! This interactive program provides students in grades 3-5 the opportunity to learn about music by connecting, and performing, with the S.C. Phil during concerts in February 2017.

Melody, rhythm, and harmony all change, shift, and develop. When the S.C. Phil plays for us, we maynotice more than one kind of movement. On theoutside, we can hear sounds move as the musicianschange their pitches, rhythms, and dynamics. Wecan see the musicians’ bodies move as they play. Onthe inside, we may feel our emotions moving andchanging in response to the music we hear.Sometimes music might even create a sense ofphysical movement as sounds become heavier orlighter, rise up or tumble down. Through thelink Uprepertoire, hands-on activities, and a culminatinginteractive performance with the S.C. Phil, we’lldiscover how the orchestra moves!

Dates & Times

2017/02/07 - 2017/02/08

Location Info

Koger Center for the Arts

1051 Greene Street, Columbia, SC 29201