Jun 15 2020
Jul 31 2020
Hobby Help | Cricut for Beginners

Hobby Help | Cricut for Beginners

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Crafting With Cricut Machines

In this cricut machines beginner’s guide we cover everything from knowing the different machines to how they work. You’ll also learn what projects you can make, and the materials and accessories you will need! Continue reading below…

A Cricut machine is a die cutting machine that cuts shapes and patterns from literally hundreds of different materials – from leather, to other fabrics, to paper, to wood – giving you unrivalled possibilities for creating incredible art and craft projects. Sounds pretty sweet, right? It is!

When you start using a Cricut, which come in a bunch of different colors by the way, you will be delighted with how intricate you can get compared to using traditional cutting tools – it cuts materials with an exceptional level of detail. Move over scissors…!

Cricut machines let you either create a design from scratch, or you can choose from a whole bunch of different pre-created designs using its accompanying software, Design Space (more on this below).

There are a few different models of Cricut that do different things. Some models cut thicker materials, others also let you draw, emboss, and fold. Some are great for fabric and heat transfer projects.

That’s just a very, very brief overview – we’ll give you the down-low on everything in the exciting world of Cricut, so you can decide if one of these fantastic little machines is for you.

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