Oct 10 2015
Auditions for "Appropriate" by Branden Jacobs-Jenk...

Auditions for "Appropriate" by Branden Jacobs-Jenk...

Presented by Trustus Theatre at Trustus Theatre

WHEN: SATURDAY OCTOBER 10th 1:30pm-4pm (Please show up at the start of auditions)

WHERE: Trustus Rehearsal Space

NOTE: “The Brothers Size” will be teching in the Side Door, so please enter and wait to audition silently in the Side Door hallway. You may warm-up outside. 

CALLBACKS: October 12th & 13th @ 7:30pm

REHEARSAL PERIOD will fall between:
December 7-18
January 4-29 (first Preview January 26)

RUN DATES: Jan 29 – Feb 13, 2016

Contact chad@trustus.org to obtain a perusal. We would like to you be familiar with the piece so that we can audition you with sides from the script.

Those who haven’t read the script will need to audition with a ONE-MINUTE MONOLOGUE. No exceptions. 

VIDEO TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WuyoM9D8wI

THE STORY: Every estranged member of the Lafayette clan has descended upon the crumbling Arkansas homestead to settle the accounts of the newly-dead patriarch. As his three adult children sort through a lifetime of hoarded mementos and junk, they collide over clutter, debt, and a contentious family history. But after a disturbing discovery surfaces among their father’s possessions, the reunion takes a turn for the explosive, unleashing a series of crackling surprises and confrontations.

TONI (Antoinette Lafayette)—Caucasian. 50s.College educated. Oldest of the siblings, Bo and Frank, Mother of 
RHYS. Strong willed and can be abrasive. Has had many disappointments, some true and some imagined. Has learned to become tough since she might be taken advantaged of if her softer side is allowed to show.

RHYS(Thurston) Caucasian. Mid to late teens. Toni and estranged husband’s son. Having difficulty with mother and has chosen to go live with his father. Pretty self-sufficient but still worried about who and what he is.

BO (Beauregarde Lafayette) Caucasian. Late 40s. The middle sibling. College educated but certainly not classy. Has become a “city guy” which makes him more driven and self-centered. Used to getting his way except when dealing with his wife Rachel. Self-motivator trying to get ahead. Money is an issue for him.

RACHEL (Kramer Lafayette) Caucasian. Mid 40s. Married to Bo. Very much “the newyorker” Nothing but the hint of a dialect. Assertive and easily slighted. Looking for slights about being from the city and Jewish and usually finds them. Very protective of her children Cassie and Ainsley.

CASSIE (Cassidy Kramer-Lafayette) Caucasian. Mid-teens. Bo and Rachel’s oldest. Curious and pretty adventurous. The world revolves around her. At that stage where boys are pretty infatuating.

AINSLEY (Kramer-Lafayette) Caucasian. Young boy probably 9 or 10ish. Really overactive and energetic. Curious and mischievous.

FRANZ/FRANK (Francois Lafayette) Caucasian. Late 30s early 40s. Youngest of the siblings. The black sheep who was a screw up and is still much the outsider. Has had a hard life and trying to recover by looking for some answers anywhere he can find them. Has spent some time on the street.

RIVER (Rayner) Caucasian. Late teens or early 20s. Must look young enough to be a contrast in age from Frank but old enough to look like the big sister to Cassie. Very West Coast. Maybe a later date hippie. Looking for ‘TRUTH’ and what is “real”.

Dates & Times

2015/10/10 - 2015/10/10

Location Info

Trustus Theatre

520 Lady Street, Columbia, SC 29201