Aug 14 2015
Not Your Nanna's Art Reception

Not Your Nanna's Art Reception

Presented by 701 Center for Contemporary Art at 701 Center for Contemporary Art

Bring your love of art, music and improv for a special night at 701 CCA!!!
August 14, 2015 from 7 – 9 pm

Not Your Nanna’s Art Reception #nynar

….Is a night to celebrate two exhibits by Columbia, SC photographer and graphic artist, Jim Dukes:
From Phone to Frame 
Pieces of the Whole

In addition to meeting the artist and getting to know his work, we’ll have live music, entertainment, snacks and refreshments, graffiti wall and selfie station!
Vicky Saye Henderson
Walter Graham
Jason Carpenter
Jonathan Monk
Sally Thames

Exhibition: July 1 – August 31, 2015
Reception Admission: Free

Thehallway:communityart at 701 CCA
701 Whaley St., 1st Floor, Main Hall
Columbia, SC 29201

Jim Dukes is a native of Cary, North Carolina. He was the Artist in Residence at Tapp’s Arts Center in Columbia from July 2013 to July 2014. His background is in design/build engineering and always had an internal spark for photography. He sustained two closed head injuries as a private Explosive Ordinance Disposal contractor from 1992-1996. Jim was also a radiological emergency response team leader based out of Los Alamos, NM where he was repeatedly exposed to high levels of depleted uranium and nerve agents. In 2012, Jim started rehabilitation for his fifth major Traumatic Brain Injury while continuing seven years of therapy for Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). He realized that as the technical part of his brain is seriously impaired, as well as his vision and hearing, the creative side is blossoming! Jim reached a crossroads during rehab where he had to answer the question, “am I disabled man, or a man with a disability?” To him, those are to different life paths. So he chose the path of redefining his life through art. Jim received his total and permanent disability rating in 2013, which allows him to stay just above the poverty level and dedicate his time to his son, partner and artistic endeavors. 

His hope is to inspire others with life altering circumstances, to find their voice…their expressive outlet thru music, painting, photography, etc., to enhance recovery and better their lives. His message is that life changing health crisis don’t have to be an ending, but can be a beginning. 

“I chose photography and graphic art as my creative and therapeutic outlet. I strictly use my Droid Maxx cell phone to capture the world around me. My images are an expression of feelings I has about life and observations of my surroundings. My injuries have damaged my vision and depth perception so I use that unique perspective to color my lens. Additionally, resulting from PTS, my constant hypervigilance and attention to minute details shape my perspective and the way I present my observations. I enjoy photographing a wide range of subjects, then presenting the images in an abstract perspective that may have not been considered previously.”

“I use free or low cost editing software for my images and graphic art projects. I started my art with no money, which allowed me to think and be unique in the creative process. My goal remains to inspire others in similar situations to choose any art outlet at their disposal and just start creating.”

From Phone to Frame
Do you see beauty in the world around you? Can bubbles of chicken grease on the side of a Pyrex dish become a psychedelic landscape? To Jim, unique beauty is all around, all you have to do is let go of convention, throw away the rules and create something new. His photo are the basis of this diverse collection of abstracts, landscapes, food and architecture. Each image tells a story and leads one to question everything they see around them. 

Pieces of the Whole
A chance crossing of paths introduced Anne Miller, a yoga instructor and ~ Jim Dukes a photoartist to one another. An immediate rapport was sensed in their brief conversation. 

Several months later Jim attended a leadership workshop Anne co-facilitated at Tapp’s Arts Center in Columbia, SC. Anne instructed the group through a meditative yoga practice and several writing exercises. After the workshop, Jim returned to his art studio and was so deeply moved by his emotions, he wept openly for nearly an hour. After collecting himself, he began writing his first poem accompanied by one of his images from the workshop. He emailed it to Anne with an idea that they find a way to collaborate on a future project. It was then that the concept for Pieces of the Whole was set into motion. Anne responded enthusiastically and the project began to take shape. Ideas and images quickly came to life. Anne was excited about the opportunity to put into print the meditations her yoga students loved so much. Jim was inspired to envision exceptional images. Eventually they settled on a book concept and picked several places to take pictures. They are grateful to Amsa Yoga and Pink Lotus Yoga for sharing their beautiful spaces. They also enjoyed photographing in familiar Columbia landmarks.

The project is not about yoga or photography. It is not a collection of random photos, poetry or meditations. Within this project is distinct imagery that inspired original meditations and life reflections. Pieces of the Whole is a soulful exploration through images and meditations. It is a project that encourages awakenings. Anne and Jim have worked together for countless hours over the past year on the concept and project. They are both excited about and hopeful for the positive impact this collaboration will have on its readers. 
For Jim and Anne the project has been a wonderful journey. The project itself has been transformed, as have Jim and Anne because of this project. From collaborating on the idea of publishing, to printing a booklet, to making a piece of art, it has been an amazing journey. Our collaboration has become a meditative photo journal enfolded into a piece of artwork. Both Anne and Jim have found new and deeper aspects to themselves and their art. Now we are excited to include our readers in this journey. 
This book is not one to sit down and read cover to cover. Slow down and journey through the book. Blank pages have been included so each reader can become a part of the process in their own special and unique ways. Welcome to Pieces of the Whole…….

For more information contact Jim Dukes

Dates & Times

2015/08/14 - 2015/08/14

Location Info

701 Center for Contemporary Art

701 Whaley Street, Columbia, SC 29201