Flavia Lovatelli

Flavia Lovatelli


Website: www.flavia-lovatelli.com

   173 Springhaven Drive, Columbia, South Carolina, 29210

Flavia Lovatelli is a sustainable artist residing in Columbia, SC. Born of an Italian father and an American mother, she was raised in Northern Italy where her work won numerous prizes and awards in high school competitions. She made the United States her home in 1979.

Founder of Art Ecologie Group a movement of like minded sustainable artists that bring the Annual ecoFAB Trash Couture, an acclaimed inspirational recycled fashion show and the traveling show “Deja Vu” a display of each artist’s ecoFAB Trash Couture piece with wall art and a sculpted piece to show how each influenced each other.

One of 4 artists/designers, Flavia was chosen to represent Sustainable Charlotte during the DNC in Charlotte North Carolina, September 2012, her work was chosen to be featured on Charlotte billboards in the 2014 Art Pop inaugural event campaign. Her work can be seen at the Sustain Charlotte Offices in Charlotte, in her Studio in Columbia (by appointment) or hanging at the Gallery PopUp in Ballantyne Village, Charlotte NC.

A mixed, multi media and three dimensional artist, Flavia’s signature pieces are made from coiled paper. She is a pioneer sustainable artists before these terms existed or became popular. Her work is mostly made with repurposed materials.

In her words: “I love the freedom of creating what I want from random objects. I am held to no parameters, I am sold to no particular media, I like them all and love to cross breed them. This allows me to create many fun pieces and allows me the ability to awe the viewer with a piece of disposed material that is turned into something so interesting when multiplied exponentially”.