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It appears that I have always pursued my creative propensities. For as long as I can remember I have always sketched on various surfaces (Some of them with and many without permission.)

My earliest formal teacher (Art Instructor, Mrs. Barbara Townsend, Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School), squeezed creativity out of me sneakily. Before I realized what was going on I had volunteered my service for many school projects. Fortunately, she graded all my construction help around school as extra credits. That always kept me working and that was an important step in guiding my interest. She knew that I would not turn her down when she needed something done. It was all practice without her hands-on instructions.

However, it wasn’t until my next Professor (J. Craig Greene – Art Professor: Chowan College, Murfreesboro, NC) began to get into my head that I started to really think about what was actually going on with a canvas. It was a question that did not rest well with me at first. That question is too personal to repeat but I pray that other professors are as good with their inspirational techniques with students. Great art can only begin to take shape when an artist realizes who he is. And, that was the essence of his motivation.
It took me almost thirty-two years to realize that I am a lost soul saved by Christ Jesus. My energy now is focused on pleasing HIM.

Now a simple piece of blank paper, a pencil/ink-pen and creating something with meaning in it is more satisfying than almost anything. Most of my work today is with the simplest media, a reminder to me that God turn anything into beauty.