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Rebecca Horne

Creating is my nature.  Creating unique, unpredictable art that intrigues the viewer

is my passion.  My obsession.  I have a strong desire to create art that makes

people think.  Makes people feel an emotional response and form a connection 

to my art and to be intrigued.  I love to hear what people see and how the art 

captures they’re imagination.  I’m not too concerned whether someone actually likes it or not but if it’s doing the other things, then I feel like it’s doing it’s job and I have succeeded as an artist.

Being the daughter of an artist, art has been a part of my entire life.  I’ve dabbled in many different mediums throughout and in 2018, my artistic soul was finally ready to come alive.  I suppose I had an awakening.  Since then I’ve been painting like a crazed obsessed woman!  Creating is something I must do.  I’m driven to see where I can go with what I’m doing.  I wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with new ideas.  I’ve fallen in love with challenging myself to use unpredictable objects as texture.  Objects from around the house, yard, hardware store or even laboratory supplies!  When using several different texture mediums and objects, it can be a challenge to construct something beautiful from a controlled chaos of rough textures.  It’s really fascinating to create art using this technique.  It’s much like building a structure one layer at a time.  First the foundation and once that dries, I’ll ad

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